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I've been treated by a number of osteopaths in the area and Jas has been the best! She completely looked after me & explained everything. I had disc issues, low back pain and sciatica. She has helped me and gone out of her way to do so.


I went to see Jas, I had horrific pain in my neck. I could not turn my head so I could not drive or shave and within 3 sessions Jas had completely cured my pain. She deserves a 5 star review, I was in agony! I would definitely recommend her services.


I recently had acupuncture for plantar fasciitis, I have tried everything, absolutely everything for it. I had pain in my foot in the mornings and whenever I walked. I had to stop running due to the pain. Jas has cured it! My left foot was in a lot of pain and I had stopping running, something I enjoy very much. Anyway…Jas has worked her magic I’m running again, no foot pain!!


"I wish I'd come sooner!"

I came to see Jas today. I was in agony with pain and pins and needles running down from my neck into my right hand due to holding my baby and feeding her. After my session I felt so much lighter, I could move my head and shoulder much better. She reduced the pain so quickly. I wish I'd come sooner! I am very happy with my treatment and would definitely recommend Jas. Thank you very much.


Hi Jas, my knee is really good, thanks for your help , I will recommend you to friends and family, thanks again

Dave walker

After being involved in a car crash back in may 2014, I was in great pain with my lower back and hips. Having had treatment previously with a physio, I saw no improvement, so when I got the option to see an osteopath, I had no idea what to expect, or if it would even help... Right from the start of meeting Jas I felt I received individual special treatment in a very relaxed environment. After having several treatments with Jas I am gradually feeling that I am getting back to my normal lifestyle.. I am hugely grateful for the effort Jas puts into each treatment. Jas has tried numerous different methods of treatment. Cupping, acupuncture and healing. I have also noticed that my car journeys, are less stressful and feel more confident behind the wheel.

After treatment I felt I had enormous amount of energy and feeling of well being and look forward to my next session.

Lydia Gardner

It's been over a year since I first saw Jas regarding my arm/hand and upper back problems. Before Jas started treating me I had been referred to see various different physiotherapists for treatment. None of them really helped me with the long term management of the pain I was going through. When I first saw Jas I was sceptical as to whether the osteopath treatment and acupuncture would work because of my past experience. My first few sessions consisted of acupuncture and it was amazing. I actually felt the pain in my arms/hands disappear and i was so relieved that finally someone could help me with the pain I had been suffering with for at least 2 years. This combined with osteopathy has relieved the pain I was suffering with in my arm/hands.

I also had osteopathy treatment on my upper back which really helped with my symptoms particularly the tension in my upper back and stiff neck and stiff upper spine. I continue to have regular treatment from Jas and I am truly overwhelmed with the results particularly because I didn't think anyone could help me with my pain.


Jas is very thorough and methodical. We have not met anyone with her skills. I'm completely satisfied and confident with her. She is very patient, calming and positive. I do not hesitate to recommend her to anyone to Jas, my friends that have been also feel the same and are very satisfied with their treatment. Better than the hospital physiotherapists!

Mrs Brown and Mandy Brown

I have previously received treatment from Osteopaths, but I have not felt sufficient benefit to wish to return to the same practitioner.

I visited Jas following a recommendation, as I was suffering pain in my shoulder. Jas was attentive in taking note of my problem and also a history of previous injuries that I had suffered. I was impressed with how Jas monitored my progress, tailored her approach and the advice she gave me to follow in between treatments. For example Jas noticed my posture was poor but this has improved since I followed her advice, so I suffer less tension in my neck. I was skeptical when she tried Cranial Therapy however, as my muscles relaxed I could feel the tension release and I would say this quickened the healing process. Over the course of the treatment there was a gradual and consistent improvement. I felt that I could trust Jas in her diagnosis and the treatment she gave me. She was friendly and approachable and answered all of my questions; which made me feel at ease. I will be going back to see Jas to maintain good health and I would recommend her without hesitation.


I visited Jas of Body Mechanics as I was suffering from a very stiff and painful neck with limited freedom of movement which was making it hard for me to drive, medication was temporarily easing my problem but not curing it.

Jas gave me a thorough examination and spoke to me at length about my neck investigating the root cause of my problem which to my surprise actually started much lower down in my back where some of my vertebra had effectively locked together, brought about by my job and general lifestyle. Over regular sessions Jas manipulated and massaged the areas that were causing my problem and I have to say that even after my very first appointment the improvement I felt and movement I regained far exceeded my expectations. On each subsequent visit Jas discussed my progress and tailored my therapy accordingly. I have always felt very at ease with Jas, she is professional and has a confident and friendly manner, her advice regarding small changes I can make to my lifestyle to assist with my problem have been beneficial and the treatment she has provided has enabled me to be pain free and flexible once again. I would highly recommend Jas to any fellow sufferer and shall continue with regular maintenance visits myself, in order that I can live my life to the full.


I first met Jas when I was suffering from a frozen shoulder and painful neck. Jas gently manipulated the affected area and was able to pinpoint the problem, i was impressed with her friendly and relaxed manner, which immediately made me feel at ease. After one treatment session I experienced a positive improvement in my condition and was grateful for the advice she gave me to prevent the problem recurring. Jas is a knowledgable and personable osteopath and I would happily recommend her to anyone.